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The five best clubs in Ibiza

So you’ve read all the quintessential guides to clubbing in Ibiza and its all well and good … but now wonder how the hell you’re going to afford all these super expensive ‘must-do’ clubs?

Here are the top five clubs in Ibiza that won’t rip you off.


Marc Llewellyn

Marc Llewellyn is an award-winning freelance travel writer based in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of several books, including his travelogue, Riders to the Midnight Sun and is currently the President of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

Marc is also the co-author of the Frommers Guide to Australia, and the Dummies Guide to Australia. Finding Nino, his latest creation, is a tale of a year spent living on Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands.

Read the full interview with Marc Llewellyn here.

Interview with The Black Seeds

The Black SeedsFresh from their latest European tour, The Black Seeds are back in their hometown of New Zealand. The lads from Wellington are headlining again, after a four-year absence, at the Marlborough Wine Festival in the South Island’s idyllic wine country.

With drinks in hand and the delicious smell of seafood in the air, we sat down with the bands resident percussionist and vocalist Daniel Weetman to catch up on their latest tour, the idea of playing live shows as a form of baptism and plans for the new album. Read the full interview with Daniel Weetman here.

DSC_0051Whether you’re a budding wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy the delicate taste of fine wine and exquisite food, it’s about time you took a short trip across the ditch to a top destination that’s internationally renowned for its production of superior-quality wine.

Read wine taste your way through New Zealand.


It’s not often you walk down the street and see a teenager wearing sky-high platforms with piercings across the face, clutching a vintage porcelain doll and wearing heavy black eyeliner that would put Marilyn Manson to shame. After the ubiquitous suits of Tokyo business types, Harajuku is a riot of colour and imagination.

Only in Japan could this “spontaneous” Harajuku street display of counter-culture fashion, wild hair and loud rock bands be so well organised.

To see more kooky fashions check out our Harajuku slideshow

drunkWe’ve all been there, hobbling down the street in the wee hours of the morning, craving for a big fat juicy burger, hoping that it will somehow stave off the inevitable hangover. You swear you will never drink that much again but boy did you have a blast last night.

But where were you last night? Where are the best joints in the world to have a few drinks? We’ve done some thorough research to bring you the top 10 places to get drunk.

penisImagine seeing thousands of half-naked men prancing about in the street for good luck or watching them parade giant pink penis idols in the hope of increased fertility.

If you’re tired of the same old festivals in the same old places, here’s your chance to see some of the quirkiest events ever. Keep an open mind and enjoy some of these bizarre yet unique events, only found in Japan.

wellingtonIf you’re looking to find a weekend escape with spectacular mountainous views, friendly locals and without hordes of tourists cramming the streets then it’s well worth taking advantage of the current dirt-cheap trans-Tasman fares and booking yourself a few days in Wellington, New Zealand.

IMG_0355With a slight tinge of apprehension and a fear of the spiritual unknown, we timidly stepped into the sleek black hearse — yes, that’s right, a hearse — for our night-time expedition on Sydney’s Weird Ghost and History Tour.

hugh-jackmanFrom Justin Timberlake to Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman to Paris Hilton — there aren’t many celebrities who haven’t experienced all that this city has to offer.

Take an exclusive look into the hottest cafés, night spots and beaches where the biggest celebrities hang out when in town …

FACIALTired of wearing your bling around your neck? Why not have it massaged into your face in the form of a 24 carat gold mask? If that still sounds a bit low-key, how about a diamond peel, a four-hour body massage or a bath tub filled with 1000 bottles of Evian water?

Follow in the footsteps of the wealthy and check out some of the most expensive spa treatments in the world.

IMG_0201Okay, let’s be honest: I have never sailed before, but really, how hard can it be? Pull a couple of ropes, steer left and right, duck down when that boom thing comes around and Bob’s your uncle, right?

Well, there is actually a bit more to it than that, as I was soon to find out. Read more about sailing in Sydney here.

waterDo you really need to drink eight glasses of water a day? Will reading in the dark honestly lead to blindness?

A new study in the British Medical Journal reveals several widespread health beliefs — many of which doctors accept as true — are more old wives’ tale than medical.

The research, published in the December 2007 British Medical Journal uncovers the real truths behind the top seven medical myths of our time.